Base Series 4 Ply

Headloop 4 Ply





3D Wing


  • 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

    Effective filtration against airborne particles, bacteria and viruses, down to submicron level for enhanced protection

  • 98% Particle Filtration Efficiency

    Reliable protection against micro and submicron particles

  • Safeguards Against Fluids

    Effectively keeps out liquids, biofluids and other droplets to significantly reduce contamination risk

  • Exceptional Breathability

    Intelligent layering and sculpted design provides superior performance with exceptional comfort

  • Gentle on Skin

    Uses hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials to minimise chafing and reduce impact on skin during wear

  • Intensive Submicron Protection

    High-quality materials and unique design allow for a powerful blocking effect down to submicron level for significantly enhanced protection

  • Made in Malaysia, Approved by the World

    Locally made based on international guidelines, with emphasis on high quality control; controlled production to ensure integrity and safety


Globally certified & recognised