Why choose Callie?

Callie masks have a variety of certifications including MDA, FDA, SIRIM, CE, ISO, CLEANROOM and GDPMD, these certifications allow our users to wear our face mask with assurance. Check out our certification here.

We strive to?

Callie team takes modern fashion elements as the primary consideration and adds into the design of face masks Through science, Callie mask is able to achieve a balance between premium material and fashion. This is because Callie masks are carefully crafted from high-quality, skin-safe ingredients, while also incorporating a sense of style, keeping their promise of being both safe and stylish.

Uniqueness of Callie

Callie mask makes by extra soft material, the high-quality material brought highly-breathable and comfortable feeling to our users. Moreover, the stretchable earloops allow Callie users to wear the mask for hours without strain and pain.

Where is the manufacture place of Callie mask?

Callie mask made in Malaysia, as a brand with caring, quality and rigor at its core, Callie invests in its own Malaysian R&D facilities to ensure the use of advance technology to produce premium quality.

Can Callie mask be reuse?

No. Each mask is for ONE-time use only.

Why Callie mask gentle on skin?

The material we used was skin-safe plus highly breathable materials, hence it will generate hypoallergenic effect while the users wearing Callie mask.

Which series of face mask is the best seller?

Quantum Supreme Beige (QSB) series is our best seller. It coated with Quantum Resonance Copper (QR-C) which can kill 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 viruses in 1 minute and eliminate most pathogens that land on mask surface.

What is the difference between base series and nature series?

Compare with base series, nature series have bold and strong colour. Other than that, the specification for both series are the same.

Is Callie Mask water-resistant?

For our outer-layer, it utilises water-resistant material to keep out biofluids and other droplets to minimize the infection of Covid-19.

Is Callie mask suitable for children?

We do have XS edition called “Art & Craft” which is exclusive for children, the measurement will be 145mm x 95mm.

What is the shelf life of the Callie mask?

5 years.

Which series I can purchase if I would like to have two different colours in one box?

You may give a try on our 3-ply series named Silver Lining & Blue Rain OR Teddy White & Brown Bears. Besides, our respirators KF99 and 3D mask also offer two colours in one box which is KF99; Silver Streak & Grey Star and Sandstorm & Rock the Beige, 3D Mask; Light Beige and Light Grey

Do Callie have bulk purchase price?

We do have bulk purchase price, for more information kindly contact our customer services at (1700) 813-466 or [email protected]

What is the cut off time for my online order?

Order confirmation and closing time is before 3pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays and considered the next business working day where applicable.

How to purchase?

  • Make your purchase online at https://www.calliemask.co/
  • In-store purchase

    - Selected Pharmarcies (Example Only)

    *Subject to stock availability

Do Callie ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. Kindly take note that street names and POS code must be correct and accurate. For shipping fees matter you may reach out our customer services at (1700) 813-466 or [email protected]

If I purchase from online how many days I will receive the face mask?

For peninsular Malaysia, the delivery duration will take 2-3 business working days, whereas for Sabah and Sarawak the delivery duration will take 8-10 business working days.